My Youtube Spotlight: Mr. Safety AKA Cory Williams

My Youtube Spotlight: Mr. Safety AKA Cory Williams

Wesley Perez

Since 2006 I have been a Youtube user. I’ve had my own channels and at one time I had a small following of about 500 subs. However, finding the website was all by luck and chance. Today I will talk about the first video I saw on Youtube and the creator I have followed the longest. That’s where this weekly post comes in.

Each week I will talk about someone I have been following for a while. Youtube creators I look up to and can relate to as well. Today’s post will be that of the creator I have been follwing the longest.

He is the creator of this video,

Mean Kitty Song

The video is called Mean Kitty and the creator goes by the name Mr. Safety AKA Cory Williams. His channels are SMP Films where he has in the past posted crazy skits, funny and outrageous music videos along with videos that he talks personal about his life. His other channels are The Mean Kitty where he posts animal videos of his pets especially of Sparta and Live Each Day. A daily vlog that is very tame to what he has posted in the past. This channel focuses on his daily life as a father and family man along with his wife Kristen.

How I found out about him was through someone I knew that sent me a link to one of his first videos he posted on Youtube. At the time I was living out in the country and I was on dial up. Watching videos was a hassle. I though stuck with it and waited for the video to download. This is the video I waited for to download onto my computer.

Make Poop

That video made me laugh and I was officially hooked. As time went by he started to do more than just goofy music videos. He also did skits but what I found fascinating was more on his videos about him personal. In a few ways I was able to relate to him. He had a video about A.D.D.that unfortunately has been either taken down or turned to private.

He talked about how living life with A.D.D. wasn’t always the easiest for him. I was able tomrelatr to him so well, Another was a video about what’s ahead. That too was either tsken down or turned private. He talked about how you can’t count on everything. Things won’t always work the way you want but you can’t stop either no matter how tough it is. I was hooked to his videos. He was very relatable. Fast forward 11 years and I’m still following.

He went from the goofy and immature to a much more mature person and settled down too. As time went by though, for me however, he is still very relatable. Especially now that he has a family. I know the feelings. The ups and downs of being a family man and a father. Him being relatable made things easier for myself. I used and still use the advice he gives and gave in the past in my own life. I don’t think I will ever stop following him. He is still entertaining and as long as he puts out videos I will keep supporting him with watching and sharing his videos. Check out his content. You may find it entertaining as well.