My Impression of Die Antwoord

My Impression of Die Antwoord

Wesley Perez

Since I could remember I have always loved listening to music. While my tastes in music have changed over the years I still try to listen to new acts. Well, today however, I think I stepped into the weird side of the music business with watching Die Antwoord.

I have listened and watched muic and music videos of all kinds from the tame and normal to the really weird. Die Antwoord is no exception. I’m not even sure where to start in what I’m thinking or what I was thinking when I was watching their videos. However one phrase does seem to come to mind while watching one of their videos.

What the fuck did I just watch. From Baby’s on Fire to Rich Bitch. From Fatty Boom Boom to I Fink U Freeky. Die Antwoord is a duo comprising of two very weird and uncomfortable people to watch. You can call it what you want but their stuff feels completely out in left field if not out of the ball park completely. It can easily leave you with some uneasy feelings after watching.

They are very visually heavy with their videos. They tend to be very busy. With lots of images coming to the screen. Some worse than others but no matter what there is a lot. Some of the images do not hold back. 

In the video I Fink U Freaky there are pictures on a wall that csn be taken as disturbing. On the picture is two characters. One is a woman and the other is a man. One has breasts like a woman but has a penis and is in the middle of ejaculation while the other character, I assume is a man, has a vagina and is rubbing near the top of it and thats just the icing on a cake that shows a person killing a dead line. A men dancing and acting odd. Some look like they are wasted and so on? 

Another is Pitbull Terrier. This video shows women dressed up as different colored cats while the lead rapper (Ninja) has a mask of pitbull. Through out the whole video you are just trying to figure out what the hell is going on. The videos are like a train wreck and dont get me started with the lyrics.

While I understand that the lyrics have a message behind them. I can’t tell what they are saying. They mash English with their native language of Afrikaan. Which is some sort of West Germanic dialect. Very hard to understand what they are trying to say. However, for my own liking there is just one redeeming quality to their music and that’s the rhythm.

Die Antwoord’s choice of instrumental rythm I like. While I don’t like the videos themselves and just can’t figure out what to think about their lyrics because I can barely understand them. The rythm and the intrumental part of the song I don’t mind at all. I noticed I would be nodding my head to the the very catchy Beat. Yet that isn’t enough to really like anything they releae.

Die Antwoord obviously have a following. For me however, they have been nothing more than a curiousity. I could easily leave them out of any own music collection. Which I do but sometimes I get this feeling like I can’t always turn away because of the wtf feelings and thoughts I get from watching their stuff.