Wesley Perez

Not everyday can you find a YouTube creator that you can have a love hate feeling for. This week’s spotlight though is someone just that though. His name is Booggie2988. He is behind this persona.

Francis Destroys a Nintendo Switch

That is Francis. A satirical character created by Boogie. He represents how extreme and stereotypical a gamer or someone that has anger issues can act when things don’t go the way they want things to really go.

The reason though I chose Boogie isn’t because of Francis. Even if it is funny to watch. I chose him because he makes his viewers feels like they are friends with him. He doesn’t talk down to people or make you feel stupid. He is also one that can have an open mind to at least listen to things he may not agree or understand. However, there is more.

Cartoon Boogie2988

Boogie is someone that is very relatable. He is someone you can listen to and for me I can relate a lot to him and listening and watching videos of him when he talks on a more personal level I feel like I know where he has been to some degree. Not completely but parts of his life I can relate to. He is a crazy but cool guy. So, where does this love hate feeling come into play? Let me explain

Since I started following him alnost 5 years, especially early on, I cringed when he talks about politics. Because he and I have different views on things. While I do listen to what he has to say. Some things I just don’t get. I am though cool with it now. Though when I was hard headed I didnt want to listen at all.

Another thing I like about his channel is how he will share his feelings on gaming and what is happening in the industry. Something we both love to do. 

Boogie is someone that I looke up to when it comes to Youtube creators. I have been following him for almost 5 years. He is someone I will keep supporting because he deserves the support. He is a good guy and a guy that all people couls have in their lives as a friend. Cheers to you Boogie and may you have more awesome years to come and I hope goos times will always head your way.


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