Wesley Perez

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to create a new update. Nothing has really changed since my last update. Yesterday was my third week mark being off of facebook and I dont miss it at all. I don’t think about it anymore. 

I see that this is nothing more than just a website that has no real meaning to my life and I feel now like I can easily drop it. It’s not something I care about or care to get on like I used to. I won’t abandon it completely but when I do think of.getting on there there has got to be a reason. 

I don’t want to go back to the habit of just getting on to waste time and to just say hey im here. It really and truly is counter productive for me to go backwards. Really, unless there is a real reason for me to even get on. I wont get on. I have other things I could be doing. However, there will be a few things that I will do when I get back on. I have some major cleaning of my page that needs to be done.

Like I described before. I have just under 3k like pages. That is unnecessary. I really need to clesn up my digital clutter and get rid of what I really don’t care for or really have no real need for it. Anyways, not much else to talk about. I probably won’t post anything on my 4 week update. I’ll post something myself the day i break my 30th day away from Facebook


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