Written By
Wesley Perez

I’m a week into my 30 Facebook Detox. I must say I don’t even think of it much anymore. I don’t reach for my phone or tablet first thing I wake up. I only check what time it is. That’s all I do. I wake up. I check the time. I then tend to my son.

I feed him and I change his diaper. Also side note. My fiance and I are getting our son to sleep 6-7 hours. From about midnight to about 6 or at the very latest 7 we all sleep. I felt like I would never get at least 6 hours of sleep again. As the saying goes though “this too shall pass.

I digress, this isn’t about my son. Even though I love him to death. This is about my journey to beat my habit. I am seeing though that this is more than addiction but a habit. A habit, like I said a few days ago, I will beat and that it will not have a grip on my life.

Not only though do I not think of checking it in the morning. I don’t think of checking it during the day. I don’t really care to get on really at all. I’m really starting to feel that I’m really not missing out on anything. I don’t care if I don’t see it that day. Right now I know my profile is up but I have a very good friend of mine looking over it. He is also posting these blog posts for all to see what I’m going through. I will post something about that though probably next Wednesday night Thursday morning.

Anyways, until day 14 when I write my next post. I wish you all a great week. Take care everyone.


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