Written by
Wesley Perez

Well, the last two days haven’t been great. I’ve been seriously wanting to log on to facebook. However, I found out just a little bit ago that my Facebook profile showed back up. Had to ask my fiance to disable it again. Not sure if she did or not. Like I said though, it hasn’t been easy. Ive been wanting to log on. 

Been spending that time though with my little family as well as my book which by the way I hope it comes out the way I want it to.

I still though caught myself wanting to log on when I woke up both day two as well as today. It’s so hard because it’s been a real hassle. It’s been part of my habit when it came to Facebook. Also I’m not doing any sneaking. Which is weird to me when I think about it. Sneaking away for a Facebook hit. That sounds more like a drug user would say. 

Like I said though. It doesn’t matter what it is. Anything can be a drug. When it effects your life in a negative way that’s when it becomes an addiction. I am though thinking is this an addiction or a habit. Maybe both go hand in hand. If you break the habbit. You then break the addiction. Maybe addiction is a tougher form of a habbit. It’s that much stronger than your every day habbit.

Either way it doesn’t matter. I feel like I am hooked to the site. I will do all I can to break the cycle and not feel like I have to get on the site. Now I am not sure if I addressed this in my first entry. I have had a few people ask why not get off social media completely for 30 days? Let me explain.

When it comes to Facebook unlike the other social media based sites. Facebook has, at this moment in time, a hold of me to some degree. I don’t go on twitter everyday. I hardly use things like Instagram or snapchat or any of the other sites. Youtube is also a social site and yes YouTube is definitely second on the list of social sites I use. For me though YouTube is a form of entertainment. Only difference is though YouTube doesn’t have a hold on me like Facebook.

For me my habbit and addiction is Facebook. I need to break it. I dont want to be a slave to it anymore and that’s that.

I think going forward I’m not going to post anything about this every day or every other day. As for this journey and sharing it with all of you. I think I will post something at most 2 times a week. At the very least though once a week and that will be on Saturdays. 

With that said I will post something this Saturday on my journey to breaking the habit.


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