Written by
Wesley Perez

Just the first day and I’m having some serious withdrawls by not logging on to Facebook. I’m not having the shakes or anything like that but my mind though has been having a very hard time with the disconnect from the social platform.

The hardest moment was the first thing in the morning log in. I wanted to log in so badly. I felt like I was missing out on so much. But I know exactly what I would do. I’d just scroll aimlessly and not even care. Like I said though, it doeant matter. For me it had a lot to do with the fact that i was logging on. Not why was I logging on but that I was logging on none the less. However, I thought more about my addiction. What’s also my frustration of it all.

Like I said in my last post, I have well over 1000 liked pages. Most of them I don’t even acknowledge. I just push the “like” button and off it goes. Like buying a video game when you have a ton of games already. The liked paged gets put on the proverbial shelf you got there. Another was the political pages.

It seems like all I read is hatred from so many sources. Hatred and disgust by so many from both sides of the spectrum. It became overwhelming for me. I had deleted a few friends on my list because their dislike for Trump became pure hatred. I was getting tired of it all. But I digress…

It’s something that just was pissing me off. On top of the fact that I just couldn’t deal with the fact that I just want to be on the site so badly. Even at this moment. At this moment i just want to stop what I am doing and get onto Facebook. I am though starting to ask myself why, why do I need to log in so badly? Am I really missing something so badly that it’s life or death? Because I’m still on twitter. Unlike like Facebook, whwn it comes to Twitter I do a lot more. I interact a whole lot more with others. It’s a format that makes it easer to interact and talk about things to other people. For me that’s what I love about Twitter. 

Anyways, the fact is this. Right now I’m itching to get on Facebook. I’m itching to at least ready and see what’s happening. One thing has become clear and i need to really stick with it. After my 30 day detox from Facebook. If i do decide to log back on. I will be doing a massive purge. I just wish i knew someone I completely trust to log in and help me do that purging. 

Well, it is only day one of this 30 day detox. Im sure it will get better. I will be doing a lot more reflecting about all this. On a positive note. Im not sneaking just to log on. I’m spending that time more productively. Good night.

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